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Connect more.

Wire less.


Cradlepoint's Elastic EdgeTM is the blueprint for pervasive, software-driven wireless WANs based on 4G LTE—and soon 5G—services that let organizations connect people, places, and things everywhere. Simply. Securely.

What does downtime cost your company?

What does downtime cost your company?

When your business-critical applications rely on a connection to the Internet, even a short disruption in Internet service costs your company in lost revenue, customer dissatisfaction, and reduced productivity.

No single Wide Area Network (WAN) connection can deliver 100% uptime, so the question isn’t whether your business will lose Internet connectivity, but rather how to protect your business from loss and disruption when it does happen.

Are you ready for 5G?

Up to $100 rebate for replacing an existing 2G/3G gateway or router from any manufacturer with a corresponding Cradlepoint NetCloud Solution Package.

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