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Automated Receptionist

For only $20 a month, what can an Automated Receptionist do for your business?

Answer every call

When someone calls your business, what happens? With an Automated Receptionist, a professional voice promptly greets your customers and sets the tone for your brand. Your custom greeting can have your slogan, selling points, answers to key FAQs, or just some personality. 

Route calls to the right place

Effectively manage your company's call flow with a well-mapped Automated Receptionist, so that customers and prospects calling your main number quickly get to the right person or department. 

Recording and configuration

We provide professional voice recordings, and we set up and manage your Automated Receptionist configuration.

After hours recording

A separate recording that plays when someone calls after hours can let customers know when you'll be open and provide options for them to find the appropriate voicemail, reach the on-call service tech—whatever you need. 

Existing or new number

Port in your main business number to use with the Automated Receptionist, or get a new local number.


Let's Get Started

Thank you! We will be in touch with you to talk about your custom AR! Expect a call or email within two biz days.

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